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I type song lyrics into Google to find out the name of a song.

After death, no one has any house except that which he had prepared in this world.
Imam Ali (as)

★ discovered on (social image bookmarking)


discovered on (social image bookmarking)


…like this. A practicing Muslim man and his friend were flying aboard a plane. One of the two men noticed a woman walking by; taking the seat across from them. She was a tall, ‘inappropriately’ dressed woman who seemed to be travelling with a man that was walking beside her. 

Soon, the hour struck Maghrib time (sunset time, a time in the day when a Muslim should pray). And so one asked the other if they should pray at the moment or just wait until they land on ground. They decided to wait until they landed on ground, and found their seats on the plane.

A couple minutes later, the same man who noticed the lady (who first sat across from them) getting up to pick something from the compartment above her head. She opened it up reached for what seemed to look like a long cloth (jelbab). She quickly put it on, pinned a veil (scarf or hijab) on her head, and sat back down in her seat. Once so, she began to pray.

The man who noticed was dumb founded, uttering “SubhanAllah”. 


He was so quick to judge this woman; dismissing her intention altogether. We must remember, brothers and sisters, that we can not play the role of God. We do not have the right to declare who is right or wrong, faithful or not, doomed to hell or not. One does not have the right to summon declerations, interpretations, or translations of who and what God is and His law is. Maybe that one ounce of good that your neighbor has is more valuable than the eighty five percent of goodness you have in you. Maybe, that person who seems lost will be more rightly guided than who you who are now and will be. 

Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t what you believe you are. And maybe, your neighbor is a better person than you are altogether. 



Photo Courtesy: patrishuh


Photo Courtesy: patrishuh

I think people make mistakes and they’re going to disappoint you, especially the people who love you most. And if you can’t forgive them for not being perfect, you’re going to end up alone.
Make It Or Break It (via betweenextremes)